Hashtrust – A Great Place To Work 

Belonging. It’s a powerful driver and the essence of feeling at home. Everybody wants to work at a place where they feel a sense of belonging. Everyone wants to work at a great company. Here is how we define ‘great’ at Hashtrust.

A good employer makes going to work each day fun, rewarding and challenging. A company with happy employees, good benefits, and positive company culture is a company worth devoting time to. These are some of the reasons why we believe Hashtrust is a great place to work

1. A Company that Values its Employees:

Hashtrust is a company that values its employees and allows them to grow and learn. We are not talking about growth in terms of money or positions but opportunities to learn new skills and feel challenged.  Hashtrust believes that “ A company grows only when its employees grow with them.” Giving our employees space and opportunity to upskill and stay competitive in this ever-growing world is something we are most definitely proud of. 

2. Company culture:

Company culture is how you do what you do in the workplace. It’s the sum of your formal and informal systems and behaviours and values, all of which create an experience for your employees and customers.

 Factors that contribute to Hashtrust’s culture:
  • The flexibility of Working hours
  • Flexibility on working Location
  • Open Communication style 
  • Transparency between management and executives
  • Added Benefits
  • Rich Traditions
  • Relaxed workplace rules and procedures

“Work from anywhere in the world (with good wifi). We prioritize time for deep work weekly and only have meetings when we have to. So you can work around your life—not live around your work.”

You might be more engaged, satisfied, and productive when you work for a company with a positive culture or values and attitudes you share. HashTrust holds this philosophy to its heart as we believe happy employees = more productive employees. 

3. A company that has a strong sense of Community:

Hashtrust is a company with a strong sense of community encourages teamwork and values the well-being of its employees. The environment encourages people to work together as a team, rather than work against each other. Hashtrust values human interaction and promotes cohesion among all levels of staff members throughout the business. Our employees interact with one another in an open environment, and all feel supported or valued at work. Companies with community atmospheres might do things like:

  • Reaching out to fellow coworkers without hesitation 
  • Celebrate milestones and special events together.
  • Changing an employee’s role to fit their skills better.

4. Kind and Intelligent Colleagues:

An average person spends one-third of their life at work. Why not spend it with brilliant people who care about what they do, care about YOU, can teach you something new, and are experts in their craft? Hashtrust believes in hiring people who have a growth mindset and are compassionate towards each other thus creating a positive and lively culture. 

5. Professional development:

A company that invests in its employees helps them grow professionally. A great place to work might offer employees professional development opportunities such as:

  • Membership in professional Courses.
  • Free continuing education opportunities such as seminars, conferences, and classes
  • Skills or management training

These benefits give employees ways to learn, grow and advance their careers. Hashtrust believes in this at its core and provides reimbursements to any expenses which help employees gain an edge at their craft.

6. Engagement:

Great companies often have engaging workplaces where employees are invested and interested in the outcome of their work. They believe in the company’s mission and work to achieve shared goals beyond sales or profits. Further, company leadership is involved and engaged with the organization’s daily operations and responsive to questions and ideas. Hashtrust organizes regular events and competitions be it via slack or offline to keep employees engaged and refreshed !

7. The company that Invests in its Employees:

Hashtrust invests in its employees when it hires and trains them, provides a safe work environment, offers competitive compensation and benefits packages, and helps develop their skills.
Hashtrust is committed to helping employees grow as professionals by providing opportunities for advancement. 

8. The Transparent Company:

So, what does it mean to say that a company is transparent? Companies that are transparent in their challenges, successes, and daily operations can earn their employees’ trust and commitment to solving problems and achieving goals and if there’s ever anything you need clarification on, you can always reach out to your manager or team member for an answer. Signs of a transparent organization include:

  • Regular meetings or updates on the company’s problems and successes.
  • An open-book management style in which the company’s leaders share important information with all employees.
  • Approachable and accessible management.

9.  A Company with Growth:

There is a special satisfaction that comes from performing in a demanding environment with a group of helpful, kind, and talented people. Just this year, one of our clients won an Emmy in technical achievement for the software that our team built over the last few years. We don’t always get a chance for our work to be recognized on a global stage like that, but that was a world-class achievement. The best part is not the award, but the resulting professionals – the people of Hashtrust – that built themselves up in the process of building the client’s work. And that’s something really special.

“At Hashtrust, opportunities to shine happen daily. We value what makes you different, and encourage you to act on your ideas — no matter how pie-in-the-sky. You bring skills and a customer-first mentality, and we’ll bring the tools and environment you need to do the best work of your life.”

We appreciate the opportunity to grow with our people. We want long-term relationships where we provide the unique freedom that remote work can provide combined with ambitious clients that have challenging technical needs.

Hashtrust is growing quickly and expanding our teams. Visit our careers page to join us on our journey as we take on ambitious projects with fantastic team members, and continue to bring our values of freedom, mastery, and purpose to life!

“​​We operate as #OneTeam, and we believe that every individual has equal value in this world.